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Title Change: Erupting Fire

Gwen’s Wicked Temptation has under gone a title change. It is officially titled Erupting Fire.

I will give you a little taste of why the name was changed.

Let me know what you think. I want to hear from you…….

Gwen could not believe what she was seeing. It had been a long while since she had been this aroused and all she was doing was watching.

As she stood there in the window she recalled why she wanted to come to this particular club. It had peaked her interest when she had been told about this place. But never did she expect to see what she was now looking at.

Gwen’s Wicked Temptations

EXCERPT:   When they arrived at their destination the tall black building moniker read “Wicked Temptations” in soft blue lights. When they pulled in the parking lot a valet met them at the entrance and asked for the name on the invitation. Once given, he directed them to a parking spot.

When they had walked along the predesignated lit pathway and made it to the front door, Gwen had to knock on the door and say a password and then show them the email invitation before they were allowed entry.

Upon entry they all had to sign a document that stated they understood the rules and regulations of the party. Second, they had to show their identification, put on their masks, and only then were they introduced to this bare chested chocolate stallion who was to escort them on a personal tour of the facility.

The next door they walked through appeared to be a waterfall wall but, was actually the entrance into the club.

Upon entering the second door behind the sexy Greek God of a man, the first thing you saw was a refreshment table to your right. The table housed things such as suck and blow cherry poppers, chocolate foreplay fondue, strawberries and banana skewers, blue ball nutter butter cookies, and an array of sexy named and displayed foods. To your left was a wall of mirrored silhouettes in different sexy poses. Promise and Shun were giggling like little schools as they were being walked through the room.

Once you walked through the initial entrance way you found yourself in the main club room with a bar. This room was designed to mingle, dance, eat and drink.


I am seriously relaunching Awakening Promise with a new cover to ensure an even flow of this series. I have seen a couple of covers out there with similar concepts and don’t want my books to be confused or attached. I also pushed back book two I’m sure you realized as 11-18-16 has come and gone. All I can say is look out and  be patient I promise the sexy is coming.

Perseverance At It’s Finest

So having self published my first novella in this series, I’m currently completing book 2. The cover is coming along little by little. Although, I haven’t hit the bestseller list I’m going to keep on writing with passion. Wicked should answers some questions for my readers of Awakening. Then again maybe it will leave you with more questions.

Book Discussion

I must tell you there is no better humbling experience than listening and joining a group of avid readers that love God. To hear your story being discussed and know that they really got what you were writing is like wow….I truly enjoyed these Beautiful Strong Women of Purpose and graciously thank them for the invite.. My first book club meeting with Awakening Promise was pure joy…I love you ladies12573895_1141369982553949_2214719336645869020_n