Book Reviews

I have had an awe inspiring experience with Awakening Promise. People who have read the book have told how they enjoyed the read. It is exciting and humbling to know that the gift God gave me is finally being seen by others. To see reviews written from a few is exciting. To hear reviews is awesome. Let’s see if my followers will post on Amazon.20151225_154814~2


Goal Oriented

So today I set a goal for myself to ensure I am more interactive with my readers. I am now blogging on Goodreads and WordPress. I also started my first editing of book 2 in the Looneas of Dallas series. The only area I’m currently stuck in is the title. I don’t have one for the book as of yet. I’ve tried out a couple but they didn’t stick with me. So I guess I will pay a couple of bills and spend some time with my Momma today in hopes that a title will come forth….Good Reads everybody


Even when you make plans, life has a way of unplanning you. It is amazing how God will lead you in the right direction and because of pride or stubborness you still go left. Just to get where you thought you wanted to go. And you destination is not as sweet. So guess what you end up going right anyway…

The Learning Curve

Now that I have successfully published a book. (I used successfully loosely as in it is available for purchase) I am now learning to truly appreciate the business aspect of writing.

The time and effort it takes for marketing alone can be overwhelming. Not to mention getting reviews and establishing your name as an author. The dedication that is required doesn’t stop once you’re published.

After seeing your work in print, you become your own PR team. And the truth is, if writing is who you are, then this is what you do.

Because in the end you believe in yourself and your unique way of telling your story.

So you keep writing, publishing, marketing, and reviewing.

God Bless!

Writing with a Passion

Awakening_Promise_Cover_for_KindleI have always loved writing. From spoken word to novels. Usually an idea forms in my head and viola, I have a story. Writing can be exciting and with the help of networking and research, I’ve finally completed and published my first novel.

Yes, I self published. It is hardwork, but when you love to tell a story and your passion is your writing, it all pays off in the end.

Awakening Promise is the first in a series about family, love, passion, and faith.